Notorious Threat Actor Breaches Apple’s Security And Leaks Source Code Of Internal Tools

A leading threat actor by the name of IntelBroker who has been notorious in the past for conducting several leading data breaches has now targeted Apple.

The hacker managed to leak the company’s source code linked to several internal tools present in the company while announcing the news through a post published across the dark web.

As per reports from IntelBroker, the iPhone maker suffered a serious breach of security which led to this kind of exposure. This particular threat actor claimed to have attained a leading source code for several internal tools such as AppleConnect SSO and AppleMacroPlugin.

There is not a lot known about these tools but what we can confirm so far is how the former is a kind of system used for the purpose of authentication where employees get access to particular apps within this network.

Such systems become integrated with the firm’s database and that gives rise to the most secure form of access to the company’s resources.

Across iOS, apps launched by employees only can make use of AppleConnectSSO for logging in where users set up patterns in place of passcodes for simple access.

The threat actor is yet to provide more details on this front but we assume such data is now for sale but again, it’s not confirmed. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to emphasize how such breaches become localized on an internal basis and therefore have no effect on the company’s client data.

One source who is said to be so familiar with this kind of matter added how dark web forums are designed to give rise to strong processes for vetting that filter scammers that wish to put leaked content up for sale. On most occasions, this is not possible but when it comes down to IntelBroker, they’ve managed to do it and have a reputation for doing so.

This group has been carrying out attempts of hacking such as these for quite some time now. We’ve seen it attack American governmental institutions and websites with ease and great frequency, really raising eyebrows on what else it’s capable of. What do you think?

Apple is yet to release a statement on this matter and any kind of breach attempt carried out involving theft of its source code.

Image: DIW-Aigen

H/T: HackManac

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