Elon Musk Feels An AI Disaster Might Be Inevitable While Showing Support For Free Speech Against Demands For Censorship

Tech billionaire Elon Musk says there is a high probability that AI-based disasters are unavoidable, giving an estimated likelihood of 10% to 20% that they will happen.

Furthermore, the Tesla CEO added that freedom of speech is a fundamental right that he stands by closely and that no form of demand over censorship made by an advertiser would be taken into consideration any longer.

While he failed to specify what the term terrible means, he gave a bizarre example of how the glass always seems to look 80% full most of the time and it’s important to consider the brighter side of things.

Musk feels the most likely ending of this AI-based world would be abundance where products are up for grabs to anyone and everyone out there today. The hike arising would be universal and the work would end up being optional.

Musk also highlighted how the greatness of AI has to do more with an existential crisis where AI does everything that the human can do, but at a better pace and greater quality so why would a human be hired in the first place, he added.

Calling it the worst possible case, AI annihilating humans could mean devastation but still, it’s getting fame and trending. Right now, we’re at a significant point in history where people are told to enjoy the ride, Musk explained.

Sitting at the Cannes Lions with the head of WPP, Musk says AI continues to reshape creativity and all of society. This includes his social media app.

He even doubled down on commitments linked to freedom of speech regarding this platform of X and how he’s had to overcome a wide array of hurdles to reach this point today.

While Musk reiterated how the goal of speaking about advertisers offering censorship did not target everyone, he stands by his freedom of speech claims. And he would select freedom of speech over profits any day. If that means losing money, then so be it.

Musk says every advertiser has the right to pop up near content that it shares great compatibility with. This is totally fine in his eyes but he added how they shouldn’t be disagreeing with content present on his app.

The billionaire says X is the public square of this world and therefore free speech is quintessential so people know that they can speak anything and at any time.

When Musk was questioned about his regrets related to the app, he commented on how he does make errors that cost him big time. But he would rather be considered real than a fake personality who has many filters.

As per Musk’s words, reaching people deemed to be influential can only be possible in today’s day and age through his X app which he obviously says is the best gateway to connecting with the world.

People are not only watching television and taking part in TikToks but really wish to gain insights and knowledge of the world and according to him, X is your best bet for doing just that.

Moving on to a discussion about the upcoming American elections, Musk says he welcomes debates of all kinds on his app. He did not wish to lean into discussions related to politics but contenting himself with claims like how it would be interesting is a point worth mentioning.

Seeing him offer people to conduct political debate was certainly news. There were also other notable names present at this year’s Cannes Lions such as the likes of Queen Latifah and John Legend’s wife Chrissy Teigen.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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