Microsoft Edge Achieves Record 13.14% In May 2024, Still Trailing Google Chrome’s Dominant 64% Desktop Market Share

When you think of leaders in today’s desktop browser market, Microsoft Edge rarely comes to mind. The competition to reach the top spot is tough when you’ve got Google Chrome involved.

But the month of May 2024 proved otherwise for the software giant which managed to report record-high figures for its Edge browser users. The news comes to us thanks to intelligence from Statcounter where the latest findings put a lot of things in the spotlight.

Microsoft says that after a period of steady decline, the rapid rise in users of its desktop browser showed all-time high figures. The report also sheds light on which apps users like to browse online.

As per the figures from last month, it’s the Edge browser who hit the all-time high mark of 13.14%, beating out stats from the previous month by nearly 0.32 points. But, indeed, we won’t have a new leader in the browser market that overtakes Google Chrome’s massive share that it benefits from today. But one thing we can confirm is that the Android maker did lose a huge chunk of its user base last month.

Edge reaches 13.14% desktop market share in May 2024, marking a milestone despite Chrome's 64% lead.

If we look into the stats, it evident that the market share went downhill from 65% to 64%. So it’s Google in first place, Microsoft in second and Apple’s Safari stands at number three. In fourth position, we saw Mozilla Firefox and in 5th place it was Opera which closed at 3.2% market share.

On the other hand, mobile browsers are filled with two leading players which happen to be Apple and Google. The former has a 23% share while the latter has a 65% share. And while Microsoft’s Edge is also a tin6y player, the internet market share is really nothing when you look at the likes of Samsung. The latter has a 4.4% internet share while Edge stands at just 0.34%.

Apple and Google Reign Supreme: Mobile Browser Market Insights

As experts have confirmed, disturbing the market that has been so well established over time is not easy. But when you’ve got the likes of Microsoft doing its level best and working to bring out new features that assist Edge in getting more users, it all makes sense.

As per results from Statcounter, the figure is really small and while it’s great for Microsoft to see this change and the result of its hard work to get more users, it’s got a long way to go to be a true leader.

We know the company is deriving Extensions as a means to get on board with more users. The goal is to bring more attention to the browser from various other mobile platforms so this could help in that regard. But at the same time, it’s struggling in terms of bringing forward more extensions from preview channels so users can benefit.

So yes, it’s a great milestone for Microsoft and its Edge browser but still a long way to go as competition is at its peak with strong arch-rivals in existence.

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