Digital Nomad Visas Are In Demand And These Countries Are Your Best Bet At Working Abroad

Remote work is said to be the future and so many individuals around the globe are working and connecting with others through this means.

If you happen to be on the lookout for some great remote working opportunities, then getting a digital nomad visa is the first step to your success.

Thankfully, we’ve got the top countries offering this feature, giving you a remarkable chance to work inside another country for a long period, without any hassle. Such visas vary from six months to one year and it’s often quite simple to get if you’re employed remotely.

The latest stats were taken and compiled by CNBC and from what we can see, there are a plethora of opportunities when it comes to working abroad.

Today, up to 40 different nations are offering such visas and among those giving the longest duration of them all, it’s New Mexico and El Salvador. But if you do need an extension, special permission would be needed to get that certain duration of stay in that country.

Global Work and Wander: Where to Seek Digital Nomad Visas?

Iceland sets the bar high with a minimum income requirement of $85,000 per individual per year, while Belize follows closely behind with a requirement of $75,000 per individual per year, making them the countries with the highest minimum income requirements for digital nomads.

In terms of which countries are offering the greatest length of stay, you’ll be pleased to know that the sunny nations of Bermuda take the top spot while the Bahamas, Italy, and even Brazil come close in that regard.

Other nations such as South Korea, Portugal, and even Spain offer shorter durations of stay for workers, just one year at most but in case you wish to get a renewal, that’s very possible too. So what are you waiting for?

Country (Region)Max Length of Stay (in months)
El Salvador (Americas)48
Mexico (Americas)48
Cyprus (Europe)36
Greece (Europe)36
Antigua and Barbuda (Americas)24
Costa Rica (Americas)24
Colombia (Americas)24
Ecuador (Americas)24
Hungary (Europe)24
Latvia (Europe)24
Norway (Europe)24
Romania (Europe)24
Dominica (Americas)18
Panama (Americas)18
Croatia (Europe)18
Anguilla (Americas)12
The Bahamas (Americas)12
Barbados (Americas)12
Bermuda (Americas)12
Brazil (Americas)12
Curaçao (Americas)12
Grenada (Americas)12
Montserrat (Americas)12
Saint Lucia (Americas)12
Uruguay (Americas)12
Albania (Europe)12
Czech Republic (Europe)12
Estonia (Europe)12
Georgia (Europe)12
Italy (Europe)12
Malta (Europe)12
Portugal (Europe)12
Spain (Europe)12
Malaysia (Asia)12
South Korea (Asia)12
Türkiye (Asia)12
United Arab Emirates (Middle East)12
Cape Verde (Africa)12
Belize (Americas)6
Canada (Americas)6
Iceland (Europe)6
Mauritius (Africa)6
Seychelles (Africa)6
Namibia (Africa)6

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