Danny Sullivan Recommends SEO, Unique Content for Better Web Traffic

According to Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, if your website isn’t getting any organic traffic from Google search, there are some ways that you can increase the traffic by focusing on some areas. The number one advice he gave to website owners who are struggling with traffic is to focus on SEO. Hacks which were used for SEO on websites no longer work. SImilarly, if the SEO on your website has some loopholes, it is no longer going to make the website rank on Google search and won’t attract any traffic.

Another thing that Danny Sullivan asked the websites to focus on was their content. Websites which have unique and different content make audiences go for them. Another important thing along with good content is promotion. If the content on your website is good, a little bit of effort on promotion can bring a lot of traffic to the website. There should also be continuity in the content you are making. If you are continuously making interesting content, nothing can stop any traffic from coming to your website.

The third thing websites who want to have some traffic and rank on Google search should focus on is making your traffic sources diverse. Do not just depend on Google Search as the single source of traffic on your website. Websites should also try to get traffic from emails, links on other sites and even social media sites. To get traffic from emails and social media, websites should build an audience who directly comes to the site via emails and social media. Websites should provide the authentic and unique content audiences want so they regularly check the new content and visit the site. The best way to build these audiences is to market and promote your website across all platforms.

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Image: DIW-Aigen

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