ChatGPT Recorded its Biggest Revenue Because of ChatGPT-4o After Declining for Some Months

ChatGPT recorded its biggest month of revenue ever since the release of its mobile app. It is all due to the new model of ChatGPT, ChatGPT-4o. ChatGPT had been seeing a decline in its revenue for the past few months. It was because ChatGPT stopped the subscriptions for ChatGPT+ which made the revenue down by 26% in April 2024 as compared to November 2023. In May, ChatGPT showed the peak in its downloads. It went from 13.9 million downloads in April to 18.7 million in may, which is the highest since November.

On both App Store and Google Play, ChatGPT’s revenue grew from $5.8 million in April to $20.3 million in May 2024. Most of the revenue growth of ChatGPT was seen on the App Store. ChatGPT is always growing in revenue now and has hit the $20 million mark. $20.3 million is the net revenue of ChatGPT in April which means it is the amount after deducting App Store and Google Play’s fee.

Most of the ChatGPT’s revenue was from USA and Germany. UK and Japan were just behind Germany for giving ChatGPT the biggest revenue. ChatGPT is still growing internationally and it’s not long until ChatGPT will grow in other countries too, especially with the release of ChatGPT-4o.

Chart: Appfigures.

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