Behind the Glam: The Business of Being an Instagram Celebrity And Influencer

BoredPanda has shared an infographic of celebrities and influencers who earn the most from Instagram in the US. The celebrities with most earnings from Instagram in the US were narrowed down after identifying 850 most followed celebrities on Instagram and analyzing 90,000 posts from all those celebrities. Different other metrics were also analyzed to identify celebrities with most Instagram earnings like posts with paid partnerships and hashtags like “ad”, “sponsored”, etc. So, this means that this data is only about the earnings which were from only Instagram posts, and not from Instagram reels or stories. All of the celebrity earnings below are not in order.

Kylie Jenner, an influencer based in the US, earns the most from Instagram. She has an average earning of $16,816,068 from Instagram. The musician, Demi Lovato, has earned $2,830,716 from Instagram while celebrity model, Hailey Bieber who is based in Arizona has earned $1,272,542 from her Instagram posts. Other Instagram celebrities in the Instagram billionaire club are Mr. Beast and Madelyn Cline with $2107,057 and $1,280,215 earnings respectively. Celebrities like Beyonce($1,919,636), Ellen DeGeneres($9,221,138) and Jennifer Lopez($9,130, 949) are also among celebrities with the most Instagram earnings.

There are also sport related celebrities who earn a lot on Instagram. Among these sports celebrities are Steph Curry($7,502,807) and Shaquille O’Neal($3,479,852). Serena Williams was also among them with $562,172 Instagram earnings.

Some other Instagram celebrities with the most Instagram earnings include Chris Patt, Zach King, Jason Momoa and Diplo. Actors like Courtney Cox, Victoria Justice, Madison Bailey and Mandy Moore are also among the celebrities with the most Instagram earnings.

Unveiling Instagram's Cash Kings: Celebrity & Influencer Earnings Exposed

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