What Are The Most Important Issues Facing The US Right Now? This New Survey Says It All

A new survey by Statista is shedding light on the most common issues striking the US at this moment in time.

The latest consumer rights report has been dealing with such matters by tracking down adults in the American nation to see what they feel is the biggest problem in the country right now. Also, how such problems have shifted with each passing day was taken into consideration in the results.

The study came in the form of a snapshot that displayed just this, including the top eight leading concerns out of a massive 20 possibilities. Moreover, this recent survey and those who arose similarly during the start of the pandemic were shared as well. And we’ve got the details for you below.

In the past, we saw health being a leading matter of concern but with time, so did social security. This was mostly related to the wave of the COVID-19 pandemic that took the whole world under its shadow. Now, that’s no longer the case when we look at the period of 2023 to 2024.

Today, it’s all about the growing costs of living or simply put, inflation that has taken over many American citizens’ minds. Going up from number three to number one, people are very worried about how to make ends meet.

There were some more significant changes being made on this front as well, including how there were fewer concerns about immigration right now but more issues linked to law and order and the growing crime rates in the US.
Shockingly, six out of the eight top reasons facing the issues are socially based. It’s also interesting to see how climate change went from a leading position to a much lower one on the list, reaching number ten. This was right behind unemployment where 31% of the majority had picked it.

As depicted by the results in the chart, housing issues and poverty are taking over the minds of the majority of American adults right now, more than what we’ve witnessed in the past. Before, poverty hit position number nine with education during the 2019 to 2020 period. Today, it’s one of the nation’s growing issues, meanwhile, housing conflicts jumped from position 11 to number six and that’s a massive rise as 36% of the population of American adults deem it to be a serious matter.

Latest consumer rights report reveals inflation as Americans' primary concern, overtaking health and security issues.

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