New Analysis: Google AI Overviews Impacting 16% of Ecommerce Queries

Founder of Onely, Bartosz Góralewicz, did an analysis of 25,000 ecommerce queries to find out how much impact Google AI overviews have caused on search results. The results of the analysis revealed that 16% of the commerce queries on Google have AI overview results with 13% search volume. However, 80% of the sources that Google AI lists aren’t available organically and do not appear in organic rankings. If you rank in the top three on Google, there is just an 8% chance that you will appear in the AI overview.
Aleyda Solis, who is an international SEO consultant, says that there is a huge difference in Google’s traditional rankings and the rankings which appear in AI overview. Google is also trying to make results “accelerated”, instead of summarizing top ranked websites in product related queries. Replying to Bartosz Góralewicz analysis, Solis stated that Google isn’t mentioning 80% of the pages that aren’t organically ranked in its AI overview, rather it is making an “accelerated” approach which is making going through search results easier for users. Solis also talked about the impact AI overviews have caused on traffic.

Bartosz Góralewicz says that Google is still rolling out its AI overviews and in future, it can become more advanced for high-cost queries. Google will also try to enable ads in addition to more search visibility to ecommerce websites. Retailers and people with ecommerce websites have to adapt new SEO strategies if they want to keep up with this new search environment. As Google is going for accelerated product displays, ecommerce websites will have to bid farewell to traditional ranking strategies.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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