Unleashing Visual Learning: How VistaCreate Transforms Education

Projects, countless books, lectures, seminars, webinars, course works, reports – though higher education is a conscious choice of the future, its educational load seems to be breaking records. Skills and knowledge shape the professional performance of every graduate, however, the volume of information seems to be insurmountable.

According to research, 60+% of students are visual-spatial learners, thus, the most understandable form of educational content is visuals – presentations, images, graphs, infographics, videos, leaflets, etc. Though it is the most workable solution, it takes time for professors and students to elaborate on the images, moreover, just a minority can boast appropriate creative skills and imagination.

When there is a need for professional visual content, there is a solution – VistaCreate – an online graphic design platform and the first-to-consider creative assistant. Let’s see what they offer, and what are the perks for educational institutions.

What Is VistaCreate?

VistaCreate is an online graphic designer with an unlimited library of visuals to cover individual, educational, or business needs. It's a professional assistant for non-professionals who need more creative skills and help with turning their ideas into tangible content.

VistaCreate may seem to be one of many graphic online designers, yet, it is the only one to combine countless functions within one space. Let’s look at it in numbers:

  • 150 000+ professionally-designed templates
  • 70 M+ photos, videos, and vectors
  • 75,000+ professionally designed templates
  • 80 design formats
  • 10,000+ animated templates
  • 50,000+ static and animated design objects
  • 9,000+ animated objects
  • 1,800 backgrounds (1750 static, 299 videos)
  • 680+ fonts in 25 languages
  • 80 text styles
  • 8,500+ music tracks

With such a choice of options from VistaCreate, educational content will undergo a magic makeover – from endless texts to substantial and easily memorable images.

What Are The Major Benefits of VistaCreate For Education?

  1. The choice

VistaCreate never fails to impress with the choice of visuals; what’s even more, the library keeps growing at an exponential rate. The variability of visuals allows creators to fit any kind of information (regardless of the subject) into a more comprehensible form.

Sociology, Psychology, Language Learning, History, Geography – every topic can be explained and delivered much easier with engaging images, presentations, animations, videos, etc.

  1. The time

The majority of students and professors are aware of the advantageous nature of visuals; however, their main drawback is related to time, as the whole creation process requires too much time for preparation.

Instead, both the students and teachers can benefit from readily available templates. In just a few steps, one of the thousands of templates is adjusted with text, colors, and enhancers, and the visual content for the lecture or report is ready.

  1. The student’s engagement

Let’s admit it, the majority of our population has changed the way of information consumption preferring images and videos to texts. Even the most boring subject can be turned into valuable pieces of information with carefully outlined ideas and properly highlighted key conceptions.

The usage of visuals will serve two purposes – effective informational exchange and elevated student engagement.

  1. The assistance

The availability of social networks brought students and teachers closer, allowing them to maximize the knowledge exchange through groups and communities. Social media management requires additional attention and time, but VistaCreate takes the graphic design platform performance to a new level offering a new feature – scheduling.

Instead of waiting for the proper time when the visuals should be sent to the group of students (before, after, or during the lecture), teachers can create the visual and plan their automatic posting with VistaCreate.

  1. The all-embracing nature

VistaCreate is a creativity hub and has everything its users might require. There are tools for photo, image, and video editing all being accessible from a single website. Such a convenience allows users to get everything they need (regarding visual design) while staying in one place, instead of getting bits and pieces from other websites.

What Are The Perks For Education Sphere?

VistaCreate aims to bring available design services to every user at an affordable price – the Free Plan and Pro Plan ($10-13 per month). Basically, every user can reach the tools for professionals at the price of one McDonald's Dinner Box.

However, educational institutions and NGOs can get even more benefits – free access to Pro features. They need to fill out the forms on the website and present the required documentation; after the application process is over, the member of the institution will be granted access to all the features.

The Final Thoughts

VistaCreate is a global provider of professional graphic design to all non-professionals. The platform contains a countless number of readily available templates, visuals, and graphs that can all be used for enlightening learners of educational institutions and making their education more comprehensible.

VistaCreate is an affordable tool for individual users, as its price will not stretch even the tightest budget; it is also available as a free tool for educational institutions, provided they proceed with the requested information.

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