Speed Showdown: Meet the Fastest Major Broadband Provider in the US

If you happen to reside in the US, you probably should read on as we’re unraveling the country’s fastest broadband providers that you should be considering.

Thanks to Opensignal, we’ve got an updated list of broadband experiences that users cannot get enough of. Not only are we counting down speeds for downloads but also uploads, how consistent they can be, and beyond.

There are some comparisons done head to head too and we’re so excited to see what’s trending in the US today. So let’s read on!

The research carried out by Broadband includes some top-of-the-line broadband providers from America like AT&T, T-Mobile, Xfinity, Spectrum, and Verizon.

All broadband types—cable, DSL, FWA, and fiber—offered by these companies are included in the results.

The frontrunner in the race is Spectrum who took the lead for 2024 and left all behind with mind-blowing average speeds for downloads, making it the fastest from a host of competitors in the list. The figures stood at 169 Mbps and that’s major!

In the second position, Xfinity rose to 158 Mbps while the third position went to Verizon which stood at 142 Mbps.

For the top position in terms of upload speeds, it was AT&T that won, hitting the 81.4 Mbps mark while Verizon stood second with 68.1. Meanwhile, both providers had huge benefits from greater fiber offerings that enabled them to reach this pace.

As far as the rankings for both video and consistency of results are concerned, it’s Verizon coming in second while Spectrum cinched the third position. And for the front runner in this domain, it was Xfinity by Comcast that reigned supreme.

But for only video, it was Spectrum in second place while Verizon managed to make it at number three.

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