Google Has No Search Setting For Turning AI Overviews Off But You Can Get Rid Of AI Replies On Bing

Search engine giant Google and its jump into the world of AI have raised concerns now more so than ever, thanks to the launch of AI Overviews.

The feature is now a part of Google Search and that’s making a lot of searchers upset because there’s no way to get rid of it. Thankfully, Michael Schechter, Microsoft’s VP has stepped in at the right time to make the most of Google’s unpopular feature by boasting about how Bing can be stopped from generating AI replies through its Search. And it just involves a single click of the button.

To summarize, what Google is not allowing on its search, Microsoft’s Bing is so you can now toggle off the Copilot’s AI replies within Bing’s Search.

A screenshot was provided in this regard by Microsoft that gives users the option to witness replies from Copilot on Search Results. Meanwhile, another set does exist that includes, ‘Scroll to Open Copilot and then Select What Copilot Can Do’.

It’s great to see some other tech giant making the most of Google’s downfall in this regard.

But we cannot help but wonder what or why Google is refusing to add the option of including a tab in settings that switches AI Overviews off. If you are a Chrome user you can use udm=14 hack to get ride of those unwanted answers.

Danny Sullivan has shared more on this front including how he suggested the search platform to disguise or have a setting where AI answers could be eliminated from taking part in the search experience.

Sharing his point of view on Mastodon, the top Google Search Liaison added how he was all for that thought but at the moment, it’s not on offer just yet. But the company does realize how people are rooting for the change as it’s in massive demand.

So far, no promises have been provided on this front but he hopes to include it as valuable feedback where individuals mentioned that people would enjoy that.

For now, those in search of a good and quick solution can simply make use of the web filter that gets rid of AI Overviews but deletes a host of other useful AI features along the way. Coming back to AI Overviews, the latest web filter is designed to get rid of them after the user embarks on their search experience.

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