Samsung Publicly Fires Back At Apple’s Controversial iPad Pro Ad With New Galaxy Tab S9 Video

Apple just hasn’t had a great start to the year. From disappointing earnings review reports to poor shipments of iPhones too, there’s a lot that can be pointed out.

But one of its latest ads for the iPad Pro was seen making headlines recently for all the wrong reasons. And that’s because it rubbed a lot of viewers the wrong way, thanks to its tone-deaf "Crush" concept that many couldn’t look past.

It was such a dilemma that the company’s own CEO Tim Cook had to step in and publicly issue an apology on this front. After all, the company was rolling out the latest iPad Pro that’s said to be its thinnest variant yet.

The marketing tactics used were filled with controversy as they featured the use of a hydraulic press that was designed to crush creativity tools to give rise to the end product. And if that was not enough to handle, we’re now seeing arch-rival in the tech world, Samsung take a jab at the company too with its own "UnCrush" video.

The latest Galaxy Tab S9 is being promoted with a tagline that reminds the world that what Apple did was so wrong and how creativity just couldn’t be crushed.

The crush advertisement by Apple was first launched at a launch event at the start of this month. It featured hydraulic presses that crushed all sorts of materials including musical instruments, gadgets, and books too. This is right before it arrived to the creation of the final iPad Pro at the end of it all.

While the iPhone maker’s intention may not have been what it seems, the matter was controversial to begin with. The company tried long and hard to explain how so many small ideas were amalgamated to give rise to the final design.

But the second meaning has people questioning the creativity and artists, not to mention how an ad linked to AI and tech would cast doubt on what the company could offer next.

Apple did apologize for this sort of creativity and mentioned how it certainly missed this mark and ended up destroying plans to feature the ad on various platforms like television which happens to be where the most views arose from. But you can still find it on the popular video-sharing YouTube app and a host of other leading social media giants till today so the hate keeps building against the firm.

Seeing South Korean rival Samsung jump right in and make the most of Apple’s downfall is interesting, to say the least. Their latest ad promotes the concept of creativity being at its peak and how it could never be silenced.

You can see a musician minding his own business and walking right past the disaster of Apple’s hydraulic press. He suddenly stumbles upon a destroyed musical instrument when all of a sudden, you see the latest tab Ultra seated upon an easel, enabling him to strum along.

Towards the end, the company mentioned how the world can never put an end to creativity and we would agree that it’s a brilliant way to make fun of Apple’s marketing as seen with that ad. Did we mention how seamlessly it was done and in good taste?

Kudos to Samsung’s marketing department who has timed the launch so well, perfectly coinciding with Apple’s devastation. But we are not surprised.

For now, Apple is focusing more on the launch of its iPads so that the masses can avail purchases beginning today. On the other hand, the tab by Samsung is available for a steep $799 through the website with plenty of AI features worth mentioning that were unveiled through a previous update during the year’s start.

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