Meta Takes Action Against Israeli Company Using Hundreds Of Fake Facebook Accounts To Run Marketing Campaigns

Tech giant Meta is constantly faced with threats of fake accounts from all over the place and according to the company’s latest inauthentic behavior report, such ordeals continue to run high as we speak.

Facebook’s parent firm just caught an Israeli-based firm making use of hundreds of fake accounts to run marketing campaigns. The latest report shed light on how fake Facebook accounts targeted those across the American and Canadian region and published fake news regarding the Israel and Palestine war.

Meta added how its team of researchers were able to uncover 510 accounts in total running on Facebook, 11 pages, and even 32 accounts across the Instagram app. Meanwhile, one more group was said to be linked to the operation that had to do with fake and hacked accounts.

All these accounts were busy carrying out fake news to spread misinformation online and featured the likes of imposters who acted like they were Jewish students or African Americans. Their behavior was awfully concerning where they could be seen sharing posts praising Israel’s military while adding criticism to the UN’s Relief and Works Agency.

A lot of the content was related to hatred themes like Islamophobia where inaccurate comments regarding the religion of Muslims were made to instill fear in Canada and sow more hate than ever before.

Researchers at Meta feel such a campaign was related to a political and business-based intelligence organization that had roots in Israel. But the real motives of the company were kept in the dark by Meta. But it’s not just Meta that was targeted as the company tried to run them on X and YouTube apps where plenty of material related to Israel’s brutal war against Palestinians and the world of Middle East’s politics were discussed.

As per Meta, the operation to bring the campaign to light and take action was found before it could really cause more disaster and entail a wider audience spread than what it already has. So many of these accounts were disabled by the firm’s automated systems and are no longer in function at the moment. Still, the fact that they enmassed a staggering 500 followers across Meta’s leading apps says so much. Remember, we’re talking up to 2000 on Instagram alone.

Meanwhile, Meta’s report also went on to highlight how those behind the accounts appeared to make use of Generative AI tools to produce many comments across pages belonging to Politicians and leading personalities in the media.

Most of the material was met with great opposition and serious criticism from users who felt it was clear propaganda and designed to do nothing but harm. The company’s head for threat disruption policy added during a recent conference with the press how they are yet to witness the use of Generative AI-based strategies that are designed to halt adversarial networks running the show from behind.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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