Meta Comes Under Greater Scrutiny From EU As New Investigation Questions Efforts To Protect Minors

Officials from the European Union have just initiated a new investigation against tech giant Meta.

This has to do with how much the company is in compliance with the Digital Services Act in the region, especially regarding the protection of minors online. This is clear proof of how the scrutiny against Facebook’s parent firm continues to peak as we speak.

As mentioned in a new letter by the European Commission, officials want answers about how Meta and its popular apps, Facebook and Instagram are behaving and whether or not they’re respecting the laws outlined in the DSA.

Moreover, the European Commission was seen expressing greater concerns over the apps’ algorithms and how they can do more harm than good. This is linked to so many studies delineating how such apps could enhance behavioral changes in kids and make them addicted to social media.

The EC also shed light on concerns regarding the verification of users and how the company was making sure the right protocols were in place to determine a user’s age and stop minors from using the platforms.

Both of Meta’s leading apps are said to reign supreme in terms of qualities that promote addictions in minors. These would also serve as challenges that hold Meta responsible for such acts.

So far, the EU explained how it’s just not happy nor satisfied with the replies from the tech giant on this front. Plenty of academic reports proved that there are going to be some serious challenges that hold Meta accountable for the behavior.

Just not enough was done to properly address these issues so it enhances pressure on the company to do more.

But Meta is fighting back with claims that it’s got the right tools and policies in place to ensure minors are protected on the apps and therefore is now looking forward to answering any queries in this regard. However, Meta can no longer just talk the talk without providing evidence that indeed it has done work in this domain.

The EC wants proof and it’s not just Meta that has been targeted. We’ve seen Elon Musk’s X app also go through the line of fire in this regard as did TikTok.

We have also seen in the recent past how the EC questioned Meta over some disinformation issues regarding Russian sources that were being promoted on its platforms. So as you can see, the goal here is to ensure all apps are in line and abiding by the latest rules laid out on this front.

If violations are made, companies will be held accountable. And when proven guilty, they would be forced with fines that could feature up to 6% of the yearly turnover of the app that’s generated from its global presence.

So as one can imagine, the fines are not cheap if failure to adhere to the DSA is done. This is why Meta says it’s strongly looking forward to working right by the side of EU officials to address concerns and ensure all things remain in line.

It might seem to be a little hard at first, but the tight scrutiny just might make it happen as new requirements keep on popping up. For now, the EC is keen on bringing each company in line with strict adherence. What do you think?

Remember, no one wishes to be on the EU’s bad side and that’s probably why we’ve seen even the biggest names in the tech world change immensely to ensure they’re in line with the DSA.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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