OpenAI Unveils GPT-4o, Achieves Record 96.2M Daily Traffic and $4.2M Weekly Revenue Surge

OpenAI made it very clear on Monday how its ChatGPT was in it to win it as far as the AI race was concerned.

The company unveiled a new GPT 4o that was designed to be the organization’s latest offering. It was promoted as being more life-like in design and can behave like an actual conversational chatbot, much different from all models out there today.

Daily traffic hit the 96.2 million mark and that was a staggering 16% from the recent success it received, considering we already witnessed a daily visits peak a few days back. So yes, you better believe that the company is winning at this end.

On the other hand, as per, AppFigures data, ChatGPT's mobile revenue surged 22% on GPT-4o's announcement day, nearly doubling to $900K by Tuesday. This sustained trend led to $4.2M net revenue between Monday and Friday, primarily from the App Store.

During Monday’s live demo event, GPT 4o was discussed and boasted as the company’s next big and best thing. It had all kinds of voice, video, and pictures included as prompts which were different from the usual text that we see today.

What else, well, the algorithms were not going to be restricted to those who pay extra for subscriptions so that meant saying hello to new features with free access and hence a much bigger audience to cater to.

But as the rule goes, those who pay would attain access quicker, alongside benefits linked to higher capacity. From the looks of it, OpenAI does seemingly appear to have understood that it’s a very popular company with audiences craving for more in regards to generative AI. They aren’t rolling out ads, just yet, as was speculated previously neither are we hearing about an arch-rival search engine for Google, which again were speculations shot down by CEO Sam Altman.

But other rivals aren’t sitting back and waiting to tumble. We’ve got Gemini from Google making a sweeping impact as revealed during the developer’s I/O tech conference. For the firm, this year was more about adding Gemini to search to give users the most fruitful search experience so billions can benefit.

ChatGPT transitioning to a new realm is evidenced by the fact that it’s not keen on restricting itself but more related to getting a higher traffic outflow for its latest website. It’s like Google’s AI chatbot going through a transition worth a mention from the classic Bard.

So what’s next for the firm? Well, the masses can expect to see more features up for grabs so a bigger audience may benefit. There will be special apps and integrations being promoted at the company’s customized app store. But for now, we’re just going to have to hold our horses and see what else comes out.

The company says it’s celebrating some serious success across the board with more features launched to the general public. Now how much that enhances the audience’s usage is a question on many people’s minds as the organization is not restricting itself from working behind paywalls.

Chart: Similarweb.

Update: This post has been updated on 20th, May 2024 to add relevant revenue stats.

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