Is TikTok Creating A New ‘US-Only’ Algorithm? Shocking New Report Details The App’s Plans

Reuters is spilling the beans on how TikTok is reportedly creating a new algorithm that’s solely for those based in the US.

The company has already begun work on this front and it’s been ongoing for a while now, starting last year, Reuters explained.

The goal seems to be in line with the concerns of many American lawmakers who called upon Congress to take action before the app becomes a leading source of concern and a serious security threat to the country.

The Reuters report delineated that operations were independent from that seen of its local Chinese alternative called Douyin, which is the company’s Chinese version that is under the same parent firm.

As per sources that refused to be named, finishing this project might take a little more than one year as plans were running strong to display how it could work independently from China and yet carry out safe operations in the US.

The detailed report further mentioned how executives of the company were talking about the project in many meetings in this regard and how discussions about its own internal messaging feature Lark would also take center stage.

The sources mentioned how the findings were made when the company was seen to be splitting source codes that would deprive TikTok of its giant engineering power that’s currently in development with ByteDance in control.

TikTok has generated another response on this front including how there was no such thing happening and that Reuters is doing nothing but creating chaos by rolling out false and misleading stories that had no factual meaning or truth to them.

Meanwhile, emails sent to media outlets had the firm’s spokesperson mentioning how they’ve always worked in great faith to make sure users’ experience on the app was nothing short of perfect and authentic. So it’s shocking that such misleading reports about work being done to give rise to a divestiture were getting quoted or even suggested.

As as as speculations regarding the source code splitting, that was blatantly denied as well, with the rep calling claims 100% fake.

For so long, TikTok has tried long and hard to make lawmakers understand that it has all the safeguards in place to ensure all American users are secure when using the app and therefore they were confident that the platform was free from the likes of external influence.

But it was clear that the company still was not able to save itself from getting banned in the US unless it chose to part ways from its parent-based Bytedance which does not seem to be the case.

Despite so many American investors ready to purchase, TikTok would never be selling out its algorithm, a claim it has made on several occasions. So what’s the point of an app without its main algorithm, right?

As we speak, we are already aware of the company suing the American government in regards to a new law that forces it to become separate from Bytedance by January of next year. It feels like such laws are just never recommended and deprive Americans of their fundamental rights as mentioned in the First Amendment. Did we mention how many Americans today rely on the app to make a source of income?

As per unnamed sources from Reuters, there are no plans to have the code split as it lays down the framework for the divestiture of American assets.

So yes, TikTok is very firm in its stance and from what we can tell, it’s not budging from any reports accusing it of doing something which it has no intention of.

Image: DIW-AIgen

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