A New Survey Shows Gen-Z Feel A lot of Difference in Their Online and Offline Personality

According to a survey of 2000 Americans, it was found out that most of the Gen-Z think that they have two lives– their offline life and their online life. 46% of the respondents of the survey admitted that their offline and online personalities are very different from each other and it feels like they are living two separate lives. This feeling wasn’t limited to one generation as 38% of the millennials feel the same way in addition to 18% Gen-X and 8% Baby Boomers.

The survey also asked the respondents if they have kept their online lives hidden from their family members, to which one-fifth of the respondents admitted about doing so. 31% of the Gen-Z admitted that they have kept their online lives hidden from their family while 27% of the millennials also admitted that their family members do not know about their online persona. This whole study was carried out by OnePoll on the behalf of Lenovo. Lenovo introduced some Gen-Z avatars that could communicate with the people. The reason for this survey was to develop communication between Gen-Z, their family and their avatars.

53% of the Gen-Z admitted that it is easier to talk online with people than offline. 49% of the millennials, 35% of Gen-X and 23% of Baby Boomers thought the same. Similarly, 68% of the Gen-Z said that they feel a disconnect between their online and offline personality. They also feel anxiety, depression and loneliness due to that disconnect. Respondents also admitted that they feel confident while sharing their ambitions, fears, insecurities, political and other beliefs online than they do offline. The survey also found out that 22% of the Gen-Z have clear likes and dislikes while expressing them online while 15% said that they also feel confident in sharing controversial takes online.

Gerald Youngblood, CMO, Lenovo North America says that young people all over the world are battling with mental health conditions which is a global crisis. Advancements in AI and technology have provided us many creative and easier ways to do our work. But we should also need to understand our family and friends, and should look after their mental health.

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