Google Updates 2-Step Verification Setup Process

Google has updated the setup process for 2-step verification on its accounts. The procedure is simpler and more straightforward now. Previously, users had to activate 2SV using a phone number before they could add other methods like Google Authenticator or a security key. Now, users can add these second-step methods directly without starting with a phone number.

The update includes new options for adding a hardware security key as an extra layer of security. Users can either register a FIDO1 credential or store a Passkey on their security key. This change aims to enhance security and streamline the process.

For users with Workspace accounts, which are managed by organizations, there might still be a requirement to use a password in addition to the passkey if their organization's policies demand it. However, organizations have the option to allow passwordless logins through the admin policy titled "Allow users to skip passwords at sign-in by using passkeys."

Google first introduced Passkeys for Android and Chrome in the latter half of 2022. Since its launch, Passkeys have been used over a billion times across 400 million Google accounts.
In addition to these updates, Google made another change concerning how second-step verification methods are managed. If a user decides to disable 2SV, all secondary methods such as backup codes, second factor phones, or Google Authenticator will no longer be automatically removed from their account.

However, if an administrator disables 2SV for a user from the admin console, all second factors will be deleted to ensure that the user off-boarding workflows are not affected.

These updates are now available to all Workspace customers and personal Google account users. Google expects the rollout of these new features to be completed within three days. The aim of these changes is to simplify the security process for users and administrators alike, making it easier to manage and enforce 2SV policies within organizations.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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