Android vs iPhone: Which Operating System is Dominating the Smartphone Market?

  • In 2024, Android dominates the global smartphone market with estimated 3.9 billion users, while iPhone users reach 1.56 billion.
  • Android holds 70.89% of the worldwide market share, surpassing iOS's 28.37% as of April 2024.
  • In the USA, iPhone leads with 59.21% market share, while Android follows with 40.41%.
  • The App Store offers around 1.8 million apps, while Google Play Store provides about 2.44 million apps.
  • Seven out of the top ten best-selling smartphones are iPhones, with the iPhone 14 leading at 3.9% market share.
There is always a strong competition between Android and Apple smartphones. Apple has their iPhone which has an iOS system while the Android system is available on many smartphones like Samsung, Huawei, etc. According to the stats, there are over 1.46 billion iPhone users in the world out of 2.2 billion other active Apple devices, while Android has 3 billion users. This article will discuss the statistics of the iPhone and Android market in detail.

how many android devices in the world chart 2024

YearNo. of Android users per year (in billions)
2024*3.9 billion
2023*3.6 billion
2022*3.3 billion
20213 billion
20202.8 billion
20192.5 billion
20182.3 billion
20172 billion
20161.7 billion
20151.4 billion
20141 billion
20130.7 billion
20120.5 billion

How many iPhone users are there worldwide in 2024?

YearNo. of iPhone Users
2024 (predicted)1.56 billion
20231.46 billion
20221.36 billion
20211.23 billion
20201 billion
20190.948 billion
20180.888 billion
20170.814 billion
20160.71 billion
20150.569 billion
20140.442 billion
20130.329 billion
20120.206 billion
20110.115 billion
20100.06 billion

Stats Overview: Android vs iPhone

Worldwide Android has a bigger market share than Apple. As of April 2024, 70.89% of the total market share is of Android as compared to 28.37% of iPhone’s iOS (that is according to Statcounter).

Android vs iPhone: Which One is Dominating the Smartphone Market In 2024?

YearAndroid Market Share Worldwide In PercentageiOS Market Share Worldwide In Percentage

Global OS Market Share: Android vs iPhone

As we discussed above, Android has 70.89% market share according to the latest data. The iPhone that runs on iOS has 28.37% market share right now. The market for Android got major bump in 2013, when it got 53.65% of the market share after most of the smartphones started running on it. Since then, Android has continued dominating the smartphone market. It has now become the most used mobile operating system in the world.

Market in the USA: Android vs iOS

If we talk about market share of Android and iPhone in the USA, iPhone is leading with 59.21% share as of April 2024. Android phones have a market share of 40.41% in the USA. When we look at the stats of previous years, the iPhone has always been leading in the USA. The highest recorded share of Android in the United States was in 2015 when it got 46.42% market share. But the iPhone was still dominating with 50.58% market share.

Apple's iPhone vs Google Android OS: Mobile Operating System Market Share United States Of America

YeariOS Market Share In Percentage (U.S.)Android Market Share In Percentage (U.S.)

Apps Available on Android vs iPhone

This Chart Shows Number of Available Applications in Google Play Store and Apple App Store

In the App Store of iPhone, there are around 1.8 million apps available that can easily be downloaded on the smartphone. As of apps available on Play Store of Android smartphones, there are about 2.44 million apps available.

Best Selling Smartphones: Android or iPhone?

According to CounterPoint Research, seven out of ten best selling smartphones are iPhones which are running on iOS. Only the three smartphones are Android. The top best selling smartphone is iPhone 14 with 3.9% market share, followed by iPhone 14 Pro Max with 2.8% share. The third best selling smartphone is iPhone 14 Pro with 2.4% market share and fourth best selling is iPhone 13 with 2.2% share. The next best selling smartphones are iPhone 15 Pro Max, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 with 1.7%, 1.4% and 1.4% market share respectively.

The seventh best selling smartphone on the top ten list is Galaxy A14 5G which runs on Android system. It also has 1.4% market share. Galaxy A04e and Galaxy A14 4G are ninth and tenth best selling smartphones with both of them having 1.3% market share.

These Are The Best-Selling Smartphones In 2023
Smartphone (Operating System)Market Share
iPhone 14 (iOS)3.9%
iPhone 14 Pro Max (iOS)2.8%
iPhone 14 Pro (iOS)2.4%
iPhone 13 (iOS)2.2%
iPhone 15 Pro Max (iOS)1.7%
iPhone 15 Pro (iOS)1.4%
iPhone 15 (iOS)1.4%
Galaxy A14 5G (Android)1.4%
Galaxy A04e (Android)1.3%
Galaxy A14 4G (Android)1.3%

To put it simply, all these numbers show how Android and iPhone are constantly competing for our attention. Whether it's the huge number of users or which phones are selling the most, it's a big battle out there. And as we look ahead, these numbers give us a glimpse of what's to come in the world of smartphones.

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