Elon Musk’s Chaotic Decision-Making Is Helping X Transform Into Its Best, Jack Dorsey Claims

The way Elon Musk has been calling out the shots for Twitter, now X, is not something many would agree with. And the latest to comment on this front is the app’s former co-founder.

Jack Dorsey has made it very clear that the tech billionaire’s approach is not costing the platform and it’s just the definition of erratic. How people are getting laid off and watching advertisers take a backward step in the name of free speech are just some of the many points worth mentioning.

Speaking during his latest interview with PirateWires, Dorsey revealed how he was all in support of promoting free speech but how Twitter is getting neglected and weighed down is never in the firm’s best interest as far as revenue is concerned.

The company’s main means of making ends meet was ads from brands and Dorsey might call that a leading sin that put moderation into the spotlight. Corporations were behaving like they were funding the social media giant. And X got too comfortable with that means of working.

But giving big brands this much control is never recommended because if and when they don’t like what’s taking place, they can restrict budgets and pull the plug on some major decisions, leaving the app in a dangerous position as 20% of the revenue arises here. So then X has no choice but to bow down.

Musk has already gone about rebranding the Twitter platform leading to advertisers to exit in 2023. For those still wondering, it was when Musk seemingly marketed antisemitic posts that sent firms tipping in different directions and backing out because they wanted nothing to do with the app.

And then Musk came out with his own blunt and bizarre remarks that did not help at all.

When names like Apple, Disney, and even IBM chose to step back and suspend their ads, the Tesla owner was nonchalant regarding the move. He referred to those giants as oppressors who were out to oppose free speech, damaging already fragile relations.

While Jack Dorsey says it was controversial of Musk to do it, it was nice to see him stand by his vision of free speech and an app that was free from censorship. This way, it was not going to rely solely on making money from ads.

Right now, Dorsey is all for switching over to making money with new business strategies. We’re talking subscriptions, commerce, and beyond which Musk seemingly is trying to advocate.

Musk seems to be getting rid of the whole business model at Twitter. But as per Dorsey, it’s giving rise to better streams of generating revenue.

While Twitter was once hailed for making $5 billion every year, X is far from it. And until and unless Musk doesn’t sort out the right game plan, it’s going to struggle for a while until the correct model comes along.

One thing that Dorsey also agreed with is the massive firing sprees where close to 80% of workers were terminated as a lot of those had to do with sales. Did we mention how Dorsey’s comments arrive at a time when he left Bluesky and instead opted to promote Musk’s X app as the better alternative?

He then got rid of his list of followers, other than the Tesla owner himself and a few others.

This time around, we feel the Twitter cofounder has really spoken in favor of Musk than what we’ve seen in the past. The latter included how Musk was not in the right mindset to handle huge changes being made at X that plunged the company into a series of lawsuits that were generated by ex-workers.

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