ChatGPT Celebrates Record 80M Daily User Milestone Amid Rumors Of A Possible Search Product Launch

It’s been a rollercoaster ride for tech giant OpenAI, ever since the launch of ChatGPT.

The popular AI tool has revolutionized the world we live in today and now, the company is celebrating a new milestone after traffic hit a record 80.7 million this past week, according to Similarweb data. And what could be better timing for the company gearing up to give fellow arch-rival Google a run for its money in the world of search?

Yes, OpenAI is making a way to roll out its own search engine that would be right on time for Google’s much anticipated I/O event.

The decision has come after figures for daily user traffic saw its fair share of highs of lows for the company where visits peaked at 1.8 billion in May of last year. This was followed by a decline and then a period of recovery as noted last month.

Now the question is while the tool is doing well as a chatbot, would it manage to captivate the market as greatly as Google? Remember, its traffic is just 2% of what the Android maker has today so there’s a lot of work that needs to be done in that department.

Rumor mills are running about how OpenAI would be linking up with software giant Microsoft to add Bing Search technology for further advancement in search.

As it is, Microsoft adds GPT-4 algorithms right behind its ChatGPT that would be a part of Bing but getting ChatGPT branded as the next best search engine would really enable OpenAI to be a new spin in regards to how AI could dominate and enhance search.

Another well-funded startup makes use of similar tech called Perplexity for search but not a lot is known on this front. The difference here lies in the user interface. This means how chats are combined, how search is included, and how results with AI are rolled out.

Google is not holding back in terms of its own launch of Gemini into search which it feels is the future, not to mention the unveiling of the Gemini portal on the Google website.

Whatever the case may be, OpenAI’s’ ChatGPT has really been hitting new records with peaks going up to billions of visits. Seeing traffic move upwards YoY is always a great thing and it beat out Bing in that respect too.

At the start of May, we saw the company redirect traffic from ChatGPT in a manner where it would be transferred from to as the goal was to avail better branding and world around similar products like search.

The matter is that it’s a roller coaster ride the company is enjoying it to the fullest. Seeing Google enter into the picture however causes the company to fade into the background, similar to how Bing works.

For now, the firm is celebrating its milestone of record peaks that entail 60 to 70 million during the month’s middle. And it remains to be a huge name in AI, far bigger than the picture painted out by competitors. What is going to be interesting is how things shape up with the launch of a search engine.

Seeing the way ChatGPT has made a home in people’s lives means they just might be willing to give its search a shot, although competing with giants like Google is never going to be easy and now, we’re just curious to witness would that could lead to.

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