A Report Shows that 64% of the Technical SEOs Do Not Feel that AI is Threatening Their Jobs

According to insights from State of Technical SEO Report 2024, published by Aira, Technical SEOs are confident that AI poses no threat to their job security. 64% of the technical SEOs who were surveyed said that they are not at all worried about AI taking their jobs from them as it is highly unlikely. 36% among said that they are only a little worried in which 30% were in house SEOs and 33% were from the agency.

The head of Search & SEO of Alamy, Roxana Stingu, said in the report that - employees not getting too worried about AI - is a good thing and many companies should recognize that AI isn’t a proper alternative for human employees. Especially in SEO where common sense is important, AI cannot do much work as it doesn’t have this important human quality. AI is undoubtedly a useful tool, but it still cannot take the place of technical SEOs. AI right now is also generating many new jobs for humans.

Even though the majority of SEOs weren’t worried about their jobs, 70% of them were worried about Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) and how it would impact regular organic search results because of AI. There has been some commentary from SEO experts but we are yet to see the response of general users.

20% of the in-house SEO employees have not changed their SEO planning due to AI, while 59% have changed it a little and 21% have changed it a lot. 52% of the respondents in the survey said that they use AI and ML tools to generate metadata, 46% use them for content generation, 35% for keyword search and 23% use AI and ML tools to audit pages. The report also shows that 85% of respondents do not see ChatGPT as a threat to Google while 70% are sure that Bing cannot take search market share away from Google.

In-house SEOs adapt to AI: 59% adjust strategies slightly, while 21% make significant changes.

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