YouTube Updates Features for Easier Access and Enhanced Engagement

YouTube is rolling out tests to improve how viewers and creators use its platform. The site is working on a new way to sort videos in the Subscriptions tab. This feature, called “Most Relevant”, arranges videos by how much a user interacts with different channels.

It looks and how often and how recently viewers have watched or interacted with videos from the channels they have subscribed to. YouTube is currently trying this out with a small number of users to see how well it works.

YouTube also lets users stick with the usual way of viewing their Subscriptions feed if they prefer it. This option remains the default choice.

Another update from YouTube makes it simpler for creators to upload videos that only their members can watch, known as Members-Only Shorts. Now, creators can choose to make a video members-only right when they are uploading it under the "Visibility" section. This update ensures that members know right away when a new video is available just for them.

YouTube introduced the Members-Only Shorts feature last month. It is meant to give creators a new way to connect with their audience and provide extra content for their subscribers. Making it easier to upload these exclusive videos aims to help creators draw more viewers and keep their current fans coming back. This should make the platform more engaging for everyone involved.

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