WhatsApp Unveils Exciting New Chat Filters That Help Users Access Important Texts Easily

If you’re an avid fan of Meta’s popular texting platform WhatsApp then this next piece of exciting news is for you!

The company just announced several handy and innovative chat filters seen across the platform that assist users in retrieving important texts with greater ease. This includes Groups, All, and even those which are Unread.

The new All filter is chosen as default on users’ devices and therefore displays an array of unfiltered variants of their inbox. Meanwhile, the filter designated Unread is useful in terms of searching for texts that perhaps the users would have missed accidentally.

In the same way, it also assists them in retrieving their inbox zero while ridding away anything that they find irritating such as the growing number of chat indicators showing that something is unread constantly.

In the past, in case you’re wondering, the app already had ways to see unread texts via filters found on search bars. But with such innovative filter bubbles located on the chat screen’s top, you can find it more easily accessible.

The company added how the Groups filter was one of those sought-after ordeals that were seen quickly in the past by simple scrolls found on the group chats. Such filters would now be displaying chats found on subgroups that the user happens to be a part of in Communities. For those who aren’t aware, the latter has to do with the platform’s discussion group endeavor.

Users of Gmail usually find such filter bubbles similar to what we’ve seen owned by the email service’s ownership that was rolled out in the year 2020 to make matters much simpler for all.

Today, this new array of filter designs could be the start of something great. As mentioned in a recent report by WABetaInfo, the platform has long been working towards getting these kinds of filters including Contacts that assist the user in filtering out texts coming forward from those unknown to them and therefore entails other businesses.

Meanwhile, Favorites are used to mark contacts that are used very often and even for those chat filters that are more customized across different beta versions on the platform.

The company has added how these kinds of filter options would be launched to users beginning today and therefore would be up for grabs to everyone in a couple of weeks.

Image: WABI

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