YouTube Backtracks On Its Website Design Test After Overwhelming Criticism

Popular video-sharing app YouTube carried out a testing phase for its new website design. And sadly, it’s aborted that idea after receiving an overwhelming amount of criticism.

Many were beyond appalled to see the launch of the latest option it put forward for the desktop website, getting instant backlash. So as one can expect, the majority rules, and the company is said to be one of the best when it comes down to responding to user feedback and actually considering it.

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The look and vibes emitted for the YouTube website have already witnessed plenty of tweaks across a span of years. But for a while now, it’s been feeling quite monotonous after years in existence. This is the reason why the app opted for a change in the first place.

The video player ends up taking a toll on your screen and you’re more than likely to find both the title as well as the description seen below that. In addition, recommendations happen to be displayed on the extreme side.

This kind of layout gave rise to a phrase called ‘description down below’ which many have grown accustomed to over a long time now.

But during the month’s start, we saw the app begin tests on a leading redesign journey for the desktop which would have every element described above get shoved into the extreme right of the sidebar.

The highlight would be video recommendations for users that are found right below a certain video that is currently playing.

Such new designs usually meet with a host of negativity from people seeing it and even though it was never launched beyond a small gathering of testers, this has never happened and so much backlash has forced the company to abort the plan as a whole (as spotted by some reddit users).

As soon as people saw it, they were not happy. It was like an overwhelming stream of negative comments filling the air for those who witnessed it. And that is shocking considering how very few got to really play with it and experience it.
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byu/Aryangsuktekar inyoutube

A lot of the backlash could be linked to the classic mindset that change is necessary. Many do feel that if something is doing great then why change it.

Several complaints have even arisen on this front including how usable it was or user friendly, so to speak. One common example brought to light was passing through comments meant you would now need to scroll all the way down. This would eliminate the view of the video completely.

For now, it’s not confirmed whether or not we’re going to see Google giving rise to new changes and designs on this front anytime soon. But those who did witness the change were very outspoken about it on Reddit and that’s where most of the criticism seemed to have arisen.

Will YouTube be revamped in a manner that users are satisfied? Only time can tell.

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