Threads Unveils Exciting New Features Including Hidden Words That Filter User Feeds

After hitting a new milestone with daily active users, it looks like Meta’s Threads seem to be on a roll in terms of innovation.

The company’s head, Adam Mosseri just shared a new and exciting range of features recently and the one that seems to be catching people’s eyes is the option for filtering out words that the platform finds offensive on the feed. This can be done through its search, the user’s profiles as well as posts generated for a reply.

The feature can be found on Threads soon and is said to help ensure anything that works against the app’s guidelines is eliminated automatically.

For now, the feature was only seen to be active on replies generated for posts across Threads.

The news came in the form of a new statement laid down by Mosseri through his account on social media.

He says that the feature is being explored to ensure anything that’s unwanted is not promoted on the platform. It’s just a test for now but if things go as planned, users are going to benefit from it greatly, he added.

The app is also working its way around selecting how others can quote you on the platform and the feature of muting alerts seen across these posts.

Mosseri ended the statement with a strong desire to give users on Threads the chance to ensure nothing but positive conversations are prompted and therefore is waiting to hear back from them regarding any feedback they might have on this front.

As far as how to have this feature embedded is concerned, you just need to enter your settings on the profile and press on privacy and then the tab for hidden words. This is where it can further be customized to block anything offensive through automated means.

In the same way, the addition of customization in the form of other terms or even emojis may be included that perhaps a certain individual might not wish to see or perhaps serves as some kind of trigger for them.

Other than this, spin-offs seen across Instagram will enable users to mute any kind of alerts they get on a post and then also give them the chance to remove who can and cannot quote them.

Such features are right now under the phase of testing so we are waiting for the launch. Meanwhile, in other news, the app is also working on a host of new features like auto archives, search results done in real-time, and also options to swipe right to press like on the post. We do hear about another exciting one including a native camera feature too but again, not a lot of detail was provided here.

With a milestone figure of 150 million monthly users who are active on the app, it makes sense why Meta is focusing more on Threads to ensure the momentum remains.

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