Weird and Funny AI Generated Images Have Now Come to LinkedIn After Entertaining Facebook Users

Many weird AI images which were getting popular on Facebook some past few months have now started getting popular on LinkedIn. These AI generated pictures have bizarre descriptions like shrimp jesus, children making things out of waste material and intricate carvings of wood. Some users are even asking Mark Zuckerberg to see these images as they prove that many people are still creative even with AI.

The type of photos which are getting popular on LinkedIn are a child standing next to a wooden car, a statue of Mark, a dog and other hilarious things he carved, as spotted by 404Media. These photos also gained some high engagements but these images couldn’t get as popular on LinkedIn as they would on Facebook. Facebook is full of AI images with very high engagements and you can find them quite easily. The community on LinkedIn also doesn’t seem very fond of these AI images as the community on Facebook did. Even with the pushback, the AI images are quickly getting spread on LinkedIn.

One person messaged a LinkedIn user who was spreading AI images on the platform to ask him whether he knew the images are AI generated or not. He replied that he of course knows that images are AI and he is amazed about what AI is capable of. Just like Meta, LinkedIn is also getting popular with GenAI. LinkedIn, which is owned by Microsoft, has a partnership with AI giants like OpenAI. This is the reason LinkedIn has started adapting to many AI tools on the platform that help people write posts and respond to messages. Users are also liking LinkedIn's auto generated responses which are powered by AI.

LinkedIn sees rise of bizarre AI-generated images, including wooden carvings and shrimp Jesus, sparking discussion on creativity and AI.

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