Top 10 Freelance Jobs That Are Getting Popular in 2024

We all know that freelancing is getting popular with each passing day. According to a survey, about 64 million Americans did freelance work one way or another. With these large numbers, the future of freelancing and freelancers seems bright. There are a lot of advantages of freelancing like working from home, great employee rates, better pay, etc.

Many people like to freelance because they have jobs in various fields. According to the State of Remote Freelance Jobs Report by FlexJobs, remote freelance jobs have grown about 20% in the last year. For your better understanding, the following is a list of some remote freelance jobs that you can start doing anytime with the right skills.

1- Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are getting very popular among small businesses and entrepreneurs. These people hire freelance assistants who handle all their administrative tasks virtually. The role of a virtual assistant is just like any other assistant as they coordinate calendars, respond to emails, and perform other admin-related tasks. The annual salary of a virtual assistant ranges from $43,043 to $50,640.

2- Graphic Designer

If you are creative and know how to create beautiful designs using graphics designing softwares, freelance jobs for graphic designers are also seeing a rise. A freelance graphic designer designs logos, brochures, or any other visual media that represents a job or organization. The average salary of a Freelander graphic designer is $44,460.

3- Bookkeeper

A freelance bookkeeper keeps up with all the account details of a business or an organization. A bookkeeper helps business owners to manage their resources and make an estimate of their profits and losses. They also help with taxes. The average annual salary of a bookkeeper is $83,728. With more expertise in the work, the individual can get a higher salary.

4- Project Manager

A project manager is responsible for managing a project for a business or organization. These freelancers mostly work on a contract basis and provide management services from the comfort of their homes. The average salary for a project manager is $87,750 in the US.

5- Copywriter

If you are someone who loves writing, there are many freelance jobs available that seek individuals for copywriting opportunities. Freelance copywriters can write for websites, email marketing, campaigns, digital marketing, and much more by using your writing skills. As a freelance copywriter, you can earn $58,644 on average.

6- Customer Services Representative

If you love representing people and organizations, you can work as a freelance customer services representative. There are many jobs available for them on different freelancing websites. You can work as a freelancer as well as a contract employee, and can make $49,966.

7- Social Media Specialist

If you have a background in social media or digital marketing, you can work for multiple clients by freelancing as a social media specialist. As a social media specialist, you will have to make different kinds of social media campaigns and help your clients optimize their social media profiles and pages. It is a freelance job that pays well with an average salary of $48,447.

8- Video Editor

A video editor reviews and transforms raw videos from clients into edits and changes their sound, arrangement, and cuttings to make the video more pleasing to watch. Video editors are also one of the freelancers who are in high demand in the freelance market. Its average salary is $88,706.

9- Marketing Manager

Marketing managers plan out strategies for different clients to engage the target audience toward a certain product. Although marketing managers are mostly seen as full-time employees in different organisations, there are also freelance opportunities for them that they can perform remotely too. Being a freelancing market manager can get you a $92,674 salary on average.

10- Communications Specialist

The role of a communications specialist is to communicate with the public on behalf of the head by making press releases, media content, and social media advertising. It is a great job to build awareness for a company before the whole world. A freelance communications specialist can make $94,191 on average in America.

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