The Price of Internet in America is Increasing with New Jersey Paying the Highest Price

According to a new survey by US World and News Report, the average American internet bill is increasing with $89 per month as compared to $77 that was for broadband a month initially. This means that home internet service is getting more expensive with each passing day. The survey taken in late 2023 asked people about their internet bills, reliability of their internet and their satisfaction in their internet service.

The report says that the price of the internet service is increasing as there is rise in inflation. The respondents of the survey say that when they first started paying for the internet service, the price was just between $20 and $60. But now the prices have increased all of a sudden, instead of increasing slowly. New Jersey is the one that is suffering from this price increase the most. The report talks about how residents in the Garden State have to pay an average of $126 for their broadband service monthly. Montana State has the lowest monthly broadband price which is $70 a month.

The Affordable Connectivity Program that was started in Covid era is in its ending stages and its end is also going to increase internet prices. Congress is not going to renew the program, leaving Americans with high internet prices to pay.

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