Meta And OpenAI Are Near To Launching Human-Like AI Models With Better Logic And Reasoning

There can be nothing quite like having an AI model that features all the qualities that make you wonder if it was an actual human being working. In fact, most AI models are shunned due to how far they are from behaving like a real human.

But thanks to a new report, that day is not far when such AI tools offer both reasoning and explanation quite like the human mind, giving users an ultimate experience.

The news comes as one executive from OpenAI has gone as far as to reveal how the latest variant of GPT would actually display progress made with harder issues. Similarly, tech experts have issued a new warning on this front in regards to how this type of technology might put humans at risk of becoming extinct.

The study showed how tech giants Meta and OpenAI are at the forefront of the AI race with such rollouts and they are near to completion of a launch of these advanced tools featuring the latest in AI tech.

Not only does this mean a better chance at problem-solving but also the ability of AI to take on greater challenges and more complicated endeavors. So now you don’t have to worry about overburdening the tool or getting a reply that goes beyond its comprehension.

The head of OpenAI spoke to media outlet Financial Times about this matter in detail including how there was great progress made in regards to the newest GPT variant for harder problems involving reasoning.

They claim to be just at the surface of how such tools can begin to reason logically and sensibly.

On the other hand, it’s quite interesting how Facebook’s parent firm is proving that it’s also a force to reckon with in this regard. The models are getting the chance to reason.

A similar plan was rolled out by Meta’s executives for Llama 3 that’s already causing major anticipation for the tech world and its respective experts as its launch comes in just a few weeks.

The VP for AI research mentioned how it’s getting harder and harder to figure out how this tool can talk and even reason while planning and having memory. Reps for both these tech giants are yet to comment on the matter further.

But the fact to emphasize here is that attaining AI models that can reason and provide planning is a major step toward attaining AI on a general level which Meta and OpenAI have been trying to achieve for so long.

Their development is going to be worth a staggering trillions for any firm that manages to attain just this, experts predict and that’s why it’s making major heads turn.

We saw in February of this year how former executives of Meta including VR expert John Carmack, had referred to the world of AGI as a large brass ring. According to him, it was bound to transform into an industry worth billions by the year 2030.

While definitions on this front can vary, it’s best to witness this as a variant of AI that performs better on a human level or does better on an array of different tasks seen in today’s world.

Meanwhile, a few experts have spoken about safety issues linked to the development of tech that goes above and beyond human intelligence. Today, researchers and those dubbed to be AI godfathers are urging the masses to be mindful of the risks to the human race that AI brings toward them.

We also saw tech billionaire Elon Musk who has been skeptical about AI from the start, mention how we might be only two years away from AI overtaking human brains in regards to their competency. He strongly feels that AI thinking and behaving independently would exceed humans in the upcoming five-year period.

So as you can see, the concerns are there and rightly so. There’s a reason why people have been warning about AI for so long and now that there’s evidence about tech giants working to make AI as human-like as possible, we know that it’s no longer just a hypothesis but reality that must be dealt with.

Image: DIW-AIgen

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