Q1 2024 PC Shipment Report: Growth Amidst Decline, Lenovo Leads, Apple Tops YoY Growth

The Global PC Shipment Report for Q1 of 2024 by IDC shows that PC shipments are seeing a little growth this year after continuously declining for the last 2 years. Apple isn’t leading in terms of volume but it is still at top for YoY growth. There was a 14.6% increase in shipments for MAC in Q1 of 2024 as compared to shipments in 2023. Acer was the third highest shipped in Q1 of 2024 with 9.2% increase in shipments and Lenovo saw a 7.3% increase.

Lenovo has the highest market shares for PC shipment with 23% and HP has the second highest PC shipment market shares with 20.1% in Q1 of 2024. 15.5% of the market share is for Dell for PC shipments. Even though Apple MAC has an increase in its YoY growth with 14.6%, its market shares are just 8.1% for Q1 of 2024. It is a 1% increase in market shares from 2023 and last year, Apple shipped 4.8 million MACs worldwide.

If we talk about the shipments of Lenovo for 2024, it shipped 13.7 million PCs in Q1 of 2024. HP shipped 12.0 million PCs and Dell had 9.3 million shipments. Acer had the fifth position and shipped 3.7 million PCs. There were 3.6 million shipments by ASUS. A total of 59.8 shipments were recorded collectively for all companies in Q1 of 2024. This was a 1% increase from Q1 of 2023 where 58.9 PCs were shipped. Most of the shipments are to regions like America, Europe, Middle East and Africa. China saw a lower demand for PCs in Q1 of 2024. As inflation rates are going down a bit in most regions, PC shipments are increasing but that’s not the case with China.

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