Report Shows which Jobs are Going to be in Demand in the Next 5 Years

According to the Global Risks Report 2024, there are a lot of jobs that are going to be in demand in 2024 and the next few years and so. As there is an increase in AI development, many new jobs are going to be available that are related to AI. But that doesn't mean that only AI and technology-related jobs are going to be in demand. By 2027, AI-related jobs are going to increase by 40%. The report also shows some other jobs that are not technology-related but will increase a lot in the coming years.

According to the reports, agricultural equipment operators will see the largest employment gains, and heavy truck and bus drivers are going to be the second most employed jobs. It may seem like a surprise to many people but vocational education teachers are going to have one of the highest employment rates. There is also going to be high employment for mechanics and machinery repairs. Business development professionals, building frames, and related trader workers are also going to be in demand. Jobs for higher education teachers and electrotechnology engineers will also get the highest employment gains.

As the world is progressing, some jobs are growing faster. The number one fastest-growing job in the next five years is going to be an AI machine learning specialist. The number two fastest growing job is going to be sustainability specialists. There will be many companies that will actively seek sustainable specialists for their company. Business intelligence and information technology analysts will have a lot of jobs in 2024. Fintech engineering jobs will also see a rise. Data analysts and scientists are also going to be in demand. As robots are going to be common, robotics engineering jobs will also be a lot. Jobs for agricultural and equipment operators will also see a rise. In conclusion, a lot of jobs in analysis fields will be in high demand. All of these jobs are going to make up more than half of overall jobs in the next 5 years.

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