Survey Reveals Amazon's Hold on Influencer-Driven Purchases, TikTok and Instagram Face Challenges

Izea, an influencer-marketing firm published a report about consumer-purchasing behavior in the USA. 94% of the people who have bought a product after getting inspired from an influencer on social media had purchased it from Amazon. This data suggests that when people want to buy a product after seeing an influencer using it on social media, they immediately go to Amazon. The report published in April 2024 stated that 59% of the respondents said that they buy a product after they see an influencer promoting or using it. 94% of the US citizens go to Amazon to buy the product an influencer was promoting.

This is bad news for TikTok and Instagram who are making their own online stores with in-app shopping for users. These online stores have features that are especially designed to help content creators increase the sales of products. If the users of these apps are Amazon customers, TikTok and Instagram have to change consumer behaviors in order to attract customers to their stores.

Similar to TikTok and Instagram, Amazon also works with influencers to increase its sales. Amazon has an Influencer Program with some tools and features that help them build their own stores and earn money from the purchases that have been made from their affiliate links.

Izea surveyed 12,00 US consumers to know about their purchasing behavior on Amazon. It also studied how influencers affect the shopping decisions of consumers. The results of the survey showed that 80% of social media users in the US are Amazon Prime members while 89% of them shop on Amazon at least once a month.

The other key takeaways from the survey showed that influencers themselves also shop on Amazon and are 2.1 times more likely to shop on Amazon once a week. 71% of the consumers said that they are likely to buy a product on Amazon if they are influenced by it on social media. 9.4% said they purchase the product from Walmart after seeing it on social media while 5.7% said that they use in-app shopping platforms.

People of ages between 45 to 60 are more likely to get influenced and purchase a product from Amazon. 70% of them admitted that they had done so previously. 76% of these 45-60 years old said that they prefer Amazon for buying products that were influencer-driven. On the other hand, people of ages 30-44 were likely to buy a product from in-app shopping platforms with 8% saying that they purchase the products directly from the app.

The survey also mentioned that 83% of consumers search for something thoroughly on social media before making a purchase with 63% of the people surveyed shopping on Amazon weekly. 67% of the surveyed people who were of ages 18-29 said that they are influenced by video content as compared to other content like images and texts for Amazon purchases.

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