New Report Shows Samsung Galaxy S24 is Faster than iPhone 15 in 5G Speeds

A new report from Ookla shows that Samsung Galaxy S24 phones have better 5G speeds than iPhone 15 in most countries. The data was gathered from February 1 to march 24 across regions including Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, Europe, and North America. It compared the latest Samsung models to the newest iPhones.

Ookla's study found that in seven out of 15 countries, the Samsung Galaxy S24 had faster median 5G download speeds. The iPhone 15 was fastest in one country. In many cases, the speed differences between the two brands were small. Overall, the Samsung S24 series was usually faster.

Specific results showed more details. In specific regions, the speed differences were notable. In the United States, the Galaxy S24 phones were 34 Mbps faster than the iPhone 15 phones. In Hong Kong, they were more than 20 Mbps quicker. The Galaxy S24 also narrowly outpaced the iPhone 15 in the United Arab Emirates by 9 Mbps. In the United Kingdom, the difference was 18 Mbps in favor of the Samsung devices.

The report highlights that Samsung’s S24 series often offers quicker 5G speeds than Apple’s iPhone 15. The iPhone 15's performance, while slightly behind, still holds up well in various global regions, showing competitive speeds despite trailing behind Samsung in this study.

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