New X Users Will Be Charged For Posting On The App

Despite the great amount of criticism coming in his direction, Elon Musk couldn't care less.

The tech billionaire has plenty of people talking after making it so clear how new X users would be charged a fee for every post added to the X app.

It’s not the news that anyone wants to hear, but it’s coming into effect after Musk’s confirmation of the decision recently.

The world’s second richest person admitted how it’s not something that would make the world happy but he’s doing it for users betterment as a means to fight off bots.

Musk added on X today how the fee would be small in value and taken as an annual one so users could post on the app. As a reply to that, he even went about tweeting how the outstanding amount of bots is getting hard to control but this just might be one of the leading ways to keep them at bay since the current AI installed would pass queries like ‘Are you a bot’ with sheer ease.

The statement was made by Elon Musk a few months after he mentioned through Twitter how he started to test the $1 annual fee for the latest signups situated in nations like the Philippines and New Zealand.

When users do not pay, they can only read posts and follow others. But they cannot reply or like any particular tweets, he reiterated.

Musk failed to mention when the X app would expand this ‘not a bot’ policy to bigger markets. But still, new users that join the app today can post for free and since it’s designated to be an annual one, Musk suggests through tweets followed up to the matter that it’s probably a one-time ordeal.

This would solely be for users who are new to the app and they would be able to write actions without any added costs, even after three months.

While Musk may cover it up as a fee for ridding bots, plenty of Twitter users continue to question such an approach for obvious reasons. This might be related to the fact that a small justification is utilized for attaining access to blue ticks that mark accounts as verified. Remember, since bots as well as spammers keep on popping up across this app, it’s not something new to see them masked with blue badges.

So one user was quick to outline how each bot is already rolling out $8 for each blue tick so they cannot be a moron and many couldn’t help but agree. Meanwhile, other users posted screengrabs of scams linked to the world of crypto on this platform.

Quite a few individuals feel Musk is not telling the truth about getting rid of bots. It seems to be more related to making some extra funds off of new users while hiding behind the appearance of him addressing bots. What do you think?

Image: DIW-AIgen

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