Meta In Continous Denial About Giving Netflix Access To Users’ Private Messages

Facebook’s parent firm continues its state of denial that speaks about the company providing Netflix users with access to users’ private accounts and messages.

The shocking claim started to arise recently after it was circulated through X how Meta was engaged in the act which was a clear violation of users’ online privacy. This was in regards to a post generated by billionaire Elon Musk who continued to amplify the matter with replies like yes and wow.

The claims date back to a legal filing that arose during the whole discovery phase of a legal case that included data privacy concerns amongst groups of Meta’s users and the company itself.

In those bombshell documents, the accusations detailed how Netflix and the company’s Facebook platform were working towards achieving special bonds and working styles. This included Facebook reducing its real spending on the likes of original programming so that its Facebook Watch video endeavor was working fine and failed in terms of competing with others like the popular streaming service Netflix. And in case you didn’t know, the latter is a major advertising partner of the tech giant.

Meanwhile, the court papers also alleged in detail how Netflix could retrieve the user’s Inbox API on Meta which offered a similar streamer and gave programmatic access to the app’s private message inbox.

This all happens to be a part of a leading claim regarding how Musk generated responses for posts seen on X so that paved the way to a host of furious responses regarding how user data belonging to Facebook continued to be sold.

But tech giant Meta refuses to take any responsibility here. It has opted to deny the ordeal and mentioned how the statements and allegations made were nothing but baseless and designed to defame the organization.

The company’s communications director even reposted one original post on X with the addition of a statement that disputed how the platform was given full control of the private messages section belonging to the user.

Meta added how it was shocked and furious to see how such bold claims were made and that it never shared any online data such as private user messages with one of the world’s biggest streaming platforms.

Meanwhile, another agreement has come to light which delineated how people were given the freedom to text pals on the platform including what they were seeing on their Netflix at that moment in time. And that was done through the app for Netflix. Meta feels such practices are common and legal as they occur so frequently across the industry.

So we can see how Meta is making claims about Netflix having major programmatic access to the inboxes of users but not accessing users’ private inboxes. But other than a few statements, Meta is yet to disclose more on the matter online.

On the other hand, media outlet The New York Times did allege back in 2018 how both Spotify and Netflix could read the private messages belonging to users as mentioned in documents it managed to grab a hold of.

But during that time, Meta bashed the outlet for making false claims by generating a blog on that front dubbed ‘Facts about Facebook’s Messaging Platforms’ where both Netflix and beyond were believed to have access to so many APIs and it enables clients to send out messages to friends on what they were hearing across Spotify or what they were seeing across Netflix directly.

Image: DIW-AIgen

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