Three Essential Functions Of Office Acoustic Booths For Individual And Teamwork

Hybrid and flex offices are increasingly equipped with acoustic booths for collaborative or individual work. Not only do they allow you to focus in a noisy environment, they also offer space for confidential conversations or team meetings.

If you are considering bringing such a solution to your workplace, you should consider three key aspects that determine comfort. Read the following article and find out what features office acoustic booths should have in order to be truly functional and meet the needs of today's employees.

Mobility of acoustic booths

In a dynamic office environment where adaptability can be decisive for a competitive advantage, acoustic booths are the answer to the ongoing adaptation needs of workplaces. They are characterized by mobility and flexibility, which allows you to quickly adapt the space to changing needs – both individual and team.

Office acoustic booths are a cost-effective alternative to traditional, expensive office expansion or rearrangement. They allow configurations to be adapted to changing requirements, offering innovative arrangement possibilities. Thanks to their ease of assembly and disassembly, they can be moved and configured as needed. They perfectly fit the needs of modern companies that want to stay on top of office space design trends.

Wheels or the possibility of using a pallet truck

Manufacturers of office acoustic booths often equip them with lockable casters or removable front panels that allow the booth to be moved with a pallet jack. Therefore, when choosing the right booth, it is worth paying attention to its design – the best are those that are mobile and easy to assemble and disassemble. In this way, you can transform your office in a short period of time, adapting it to new requirements, and then quickly return to daily work. What's more, if you change the location of the office, you can take them with you.

Full concentration guaranteed – acoustic and visual privacy

Acoustic booths in the office are becoming an indispensable tool for employees who need focus and privacy in the hustle and bustle of their daily work. To ensure optimal working conditions, pods must meet certain defined standards. First of all, their acoustics should be at the highest level, according to the requirements of Class B or higher of ISO 23351-1:2020. Muffled noise of about 40 dB reaches the acoustic booths from the open office. At the same time, they effectively stop sounds inside, thereby reducing noise in open space.

What is speech privacy?

Ensuring the privacy of workplace conversations is important for confidentiality and comfort. It refers to the soundproofing of speech in such a way that those outside the acoustic booth are unable to understand the conversation taking place online or face-to-face. Office booths that provide speech privacy are an ideal place to hold discussions on sensitive or confidential topics.

It should also be noted that overheard intelligible speech is one of the main factors that make it difficult to focus in an open space. Therefore, specially designed acoustic booths, on the one hand, protect the privacy of conversations and, on the other hand, significantly improve work efficiency.

Visual privacy – limiting unwanted observations

Visual privacy is not only protection from unwanted glances, but also a sense of security while working. That's why, when designing an office, you should look to create conditions that limit unwanted observation. Hushoffice acoustic booths can be ordered with additional glass decals that give a frosted effect. They allow you to complete work that requires focus, while protecting you from direct observation by others.

Visual confidentiality also includes the aspect of leveling visual distractions. This involves eliminating or reducing factors that can interfere with concentration and distract from the tasks at hand. Learn more about this topic from the article: Privacy in the office – acoustic, visual and architectural.

Ventilation system – excellent air quality inside the booths

Office booths, used for both individual and collaborative work, must meet certain key requirements to ensure the comfort and efficiency of the duties performed in them. In the enclosed spaces they create, efficient ventilation is necessary. The air in an office acoustic booth must remain clean and fresh the entire time it is in use. To achieve this, it should be equipped with an automatically activated ventilation system that continuously supplies air from the office space.

Depending on the model of the booth, the fans have a capacity of 100 m3/h to 140 m3/h. As a result, even if there are more people in the hushAccess.L acoustic booth, there is the right temperature and air quality. What's more, for maximum comfort in conducted meetings or videoconferences, manual control of light intensity and ventilation system is available. Each employee can create a work environment in which they feel best and work most efficiently.

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