List of Top 10 Highest Earning Apps is Here and TikTok is Still Dominating with the Highest Revenue

In February 2024, several apps emerged as the highest earners, dominating the market. Unsurprisingly, TikTok was the highest earning app which earned $189 million total revenue from Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. It is a little lower than what it earned in January 2024 but that’s okay. Youtube was the second highest earning app in February and earned total revenue of $111 million from App Store and Play Store. Unlike TikTok, Youtube’s revenue increased a little bit, but not too much to make it the top earning app. We shouldn’t compare the revenue of TikTok and Youtube with each other because their methods of monetization are completely different from each other.

Disney+ was the third highest earning app on App Store and Google combined but it was the top highest earning app on Google’s Play Store. It generated a total revenue of $107 million on both platforms. Disney+'s revenue was also increased a little in February 2024 from January 2024.

Tinder and Max also made it to the top 5 highest earning apps list on Play Store and App Store combined. Tinder made $85 million total revenue while Max made $58 million total revenue. Other apps in the top 10 list are LinkedIn($39 million), Bumble($39 million), Hulu($34 million), Peacock Tv($33 million) and Audible($33 million). Duolingo dropped from the top 10 list after being there in January 2024.
The top 10 highest earning apps on Play Store and App Store altogether made $728 million total revenue in February. Overall, it dropped about 3% from January 2024. The revenue is expected to increase in the coming months of 2024. Now we have to wait and see what the upcoming months will bring to the revenue.

H/T: AppFigures.

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