After Introducing Many Good Features Back to Back, Instagram is Set to Introduce a New feature Called Blend

Instagram is working on a new feature that will blend the reels that you have shared with your friends and will suggest you reels according to them. The feature is known as “Blend” and it will give you reels suggestions according to the type of reels you and your friends share with each other. App researcher, Alessandro Paluzzi, shared the example of this feature on X. He shows that Instagram is bringing out this feature that is going to facilitate a lot of users who love sharing reels with their friends.

Instagram’s chief said in 2022 that most friends interact with each other online more than offline. Now, friends talk to each other by sharing reels in the DMs, not by posting on their Instagram feed. Due to this, Instagram is working on a lot of features that can help the users who love DMing their friends.

Inbox notes is also one of these features that will highlight the chat prompts from your conversations and will highlight them at the top of your DM inboxes. Channels are helping a lot of influencers and celebrities stay in touch with their followers through the DMs. Collections is also a feature by Instagram that lets the users collaborate and interact with a post on their group feed. Instagram has also introduced a new feature that lets the users share a post to only their close friends on a feed.

Blend seems like it is a great feature to link more people with each other through reels and memes they share with each other. This feature can either make Instagram a more interesting app for friends or it won’t work as well as expected. This feature isn’t available for testing but soon it will be ready for use.

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