Google Play Store Faces Security Challenges in 2023: Reports 2.2 Million App Violations

Google shed light on how its Play Store has had a rough 2023 with the constant threat of security and safety issues.

But despite the numerous hurdles coming in its direction, the firm was able to ward off a growing number of threats with the help of tech advances as well as changes to its policy design.

The company rolled out a detailed report featuring stats that revealed how close to 2.2 million apps violated its regulations. These included all kinds of new review processes and enhanced security rollouts that went against its policy.

To be more specific in terms of figures, we’re talking 333k bad accounts arising from Google Play which included malware and constant policy violations. In the same manner, the tech giant spoke about the need for developers to be more transparent when rolling out accounts on the Play Store.

Similarly, 200k submissions entertained for apps had to be rejected or amended because they failed to provide the sensitive permission factor that Google needs like access through SMS or the providence of background location.

To ensure better safety and security is maintained at all times, the tech giant added how they have chosen to partner with the likes of SDK to ensure private data access remains restricted and it would better privacy for more than 31 SDKs affecting 790k platforms. They also ended up enabling an expansion of the SDK index that features the design in close to six million apps throughout the Android community.

Particular mention is how Google Play made a staggering 1.5 million old apps unable for usage because they aren’t targeting the recent list of APIs available to newbies that carry updated devices with the latest Android variant.

Remember, Google Play Protect also has been equipped with top-of-the-line real-time scanning tech to better overcome novel apps working on the malicious front. These end up getting sideloaded with more than 5 million new malicious systems getting detected and designated as off-Play platforms.

In addition to this, Google says it has made updates to the Data safety tab entailing how the company was highlighting all kinds of VPN platforms that undergo independent reviews in terms of security. At the same time, developers need to give rise to options to get rid of app accounts and options for user data so no one is forced to reinstall a certain app to ensure the feature works.

The ADA is a restructuring system that was rolled out as a part of the famous Linum Foundation which other leading tech giants such as Meta and Microsoft make use of.

This kind of support system has been getting rave reviews across the industry thanks to its great security practices as well as guidelines and countermeasures for the growing risks of security that we’re seeing in the modern world of tech today.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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