Google Play Store Enables New Simultaneous App Download Feature

There can be nothing more annoying than having to wait for your apps to be downloaded, one by one, on the Play Store. But it seems like Android maker Google is finally answering fans’ prayers with its latest rollout.

Users will now benefit from a new simultaneous download feature where they can install several new apps of various kinds at once.

This means limited downtime and maximal convenience due to faster downloads. However, the company did reveal how the latest endeavor only works for new installs of platforms and not any updates.

Phone owners have finally found the solution they have been looking for years where they used to line up dozens of platforms and wait forever to have them get installed, one by one. The latest Play Store update means you can install several in one go, the company added.

The news was first spotted by experts at 9to5Google who mentioned how the latest feature is a part of Google Play’s line of updates.

Image: 9to5G

For it to work, users would enter the Play Store press on their profile image, and then press on the settings tab. After that, they enter the About Section to determine which variant they have. At the same time, there would be an option to have the Play Store updated to the newest variant in case the user has yet to do so.

The feature so far has been applauded by those who have made use of it already and people claim it’s almost twice as fast as what was seen in the past. We are not quite sure about whether or not the figure for simultaneous downloads has a limit or not because some did report how one of their apps was pending after a host of apps were lined up for installation.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure. It’s quicker and more convenient and a change that fans are welcoming with open arms. For now, the option is getting rolled out at a slow pace but you can soon expect to make the most of it on your Android device before it gets expanded in full across the Play Store.

Don’t forget how it would only work for new apps and not for updates so don’t get tired of wondering why old apps aren’t updated at the same time.

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