America’s Latest National Data Privacy Bill Could Give Citizens More Control Of Their Personal Data

The US is gearing up for the launch of a new National Data Privacy Bill that’s designed to provide Americans with greater rights for protecting their online personal data.

It’s a matter that’s been up for debate for quite some time now and seeing more work done on this at the federal level is proof of how patchy state laws could soon be eradicated that are currently functional.

The company mentioned on Sunday by the House Committee how such a draft bill could put individuals in complete control of personal data and even eliminate any data collection practices carried out by firms that they feel are unlawful.

This means bidding farewell to the act of collecting, keeping, and even using data belonging to users of all ages and beyond what services they’re offering.

This bill would even provide Americans with the grand chance of selecting where their data will go and even give them the chance to stop the selling and transferring of information. Moreover, individuals would even be able to click on the opting out button for data processing when an organization alters privacy policies after being given data of another.

In the same way, the law would require stricter rules for data deemed sensitive by giving rise to more content from a certain individual before it gets transferred to another third party. We would also see different firms be required to enable people to access, get rid of, and even export information while opting out of the likes of targeted forms of advertising online.

It’s been a Big Tech issue for a while now where acts would prohibit orders like tracking prevention, predictions, and even manipulation of users’ behavior for the sake of attaining profits without asking for the user’s consent.

For a while now, Americans have wanted such rights and they are turning to lawmakers to make a difference and act on their commands, as explained by one leading US senator.

This kind of bill is quite like that witnessed by Rodgers and Cantrell which was rolled out in the year 2022.

So as you can see, people aren’t letting it go so easily so the possibility of a new bill handling it all would be an ideal scenario.

Image: DIW-aigen

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