YouTube Shorts Boosts Earnings for 25%+ of Partner Program Channels

YouTube Shorts, similar to TikTok, is quite new but already making a difference. It's now helping more than 25% of YouTube's Partner Program channels earn money. YouTube shared this news today, showing how sharing money with Shorts creators is working well.

Since starting in 2021, YouTube Shorts has got really popular. As per YouTube, "Shorts now has an average of over 70B daily views since launching in 2021." Creators started earning money from it in early 2023, and it's going well. YouTube says now over a quarter of its Partner Program creators make money from Shorts. This is a big increase and shows creators like making Shorts.

Not all channels make Shorts because they don't have to. Yet, many channels are starting to earn from them. YouTube also says 80% of channels that got into the Partner Program because of Shorts are making money in other ways on YouTube. This includes fan donations, YouTube Shopping, and more.

This shows Shorts are more than just for getting views. They're a new way for creators to earn money. YouTube's plan to share money with Shorts creators is working, giving more chances to those in the YouTube Partner Program.

Image: DIW-AIgen

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