Apple iPhones to Gain RCS Messaging Capabilities in 2024: Google's Announcement Reveals Timeline

Google has revealed on its Android website that iPhones will start using RCS, a new type of messaging, in fall 2024. RCS will make texting better by letting people send high-quality photos and videos, showing when someone is typing, and improving group chats. Apple said this change is coming in 2024, and it looks like it will be part of iOS 18.

When Apple talked about adding RCS in November 2023, they said it would happen "later next year." This made many think it would come with iOS 18. Google's recent mention seems to confirm this timing. It's still not clear if RCS will be added right when iOS 18 comes out or in a smaller update later in 2024.

Google is also planning to add animated emoji reactions to RCS. Right now, Google Messages and iOS both have similar features. This could mean that in the future, these reactions will be a standard part of RCS.

This is the second time Google has made a webpage for Google Messages. The original page,, hasn't been updated to show the end of Google Photos integration.

Google is also testing new features like Screen Effects and Custom Bubbles. They're still in beta testing. Voice Moods, another new feature, doesn't have a beta label, but not everyone can use it yet. It includes a new way to record voice messages. Google is also excited about other features like Photomoji, spam blocking, encryption for privacy, Magic Compose, a version for Wear OS, better use on tablets, helpful reminders, and voice transcription.

RCS coming to the iPhone is big news. It means iPhone and Android users will have a better experience texting each other with more features. Google is also working on many other updates to make messaging even better.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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