X Is Growing In Popularity As People Continue To Associate It More With Twitter

When we first heard about Twitter’s rebranding to X, thanks to billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, we were skeptical.

Now many felt like they could not relate it to the old Twitter that the world had grown to love, not to mention how popular of an app it was. But wait, just when you thought things were going downhill for Musk comes a new report that proves otherwise.

Thanks to the recent publishing of stats from App Intelligence AppFigures, we’ve come to learn that Twitter’s conversion to X saw downloads take a massive hit. It was reduced by 50% and we’re talking of millions of downloads going down the drain.

People felt they couldn’t relate to the new platform and those in search of the old Twitter failed to find it with the new X.

As one can imagine, the profits and revenue in general fell but with time, X has really managed to prove itself to the masses. It’s slowly and surely turning into a common name and people are linking it with the app more.

Therefore, App Intelligence has shown how much recovery has taken place in regards to downloads and also where the figures for revenue stand today. It’s an ongoing process and success never comes overnight but from what we’re seeing right now, change is happening, despite the entire rebranding of the Twitter saga.

As per App Intelligence reports, we saw the X platform receive close to 9 million downloads at the start of this year alone. And that’s a staggering 11% rise from what was witnessed in December of last year. Remember, this happens to be the second month of witnessing download growth for the app and from what we can see right now, it’s the start of a new recovery period after the sudden rebranding.

Remember, we cannot forget how downloads are much less than what we saw before the rebranding phase arose. To help keep things in better context, in January of last year, we saw Twitter receive close to 14.6 million downloads and that was at an average of 13 million downloads each month last year, right up until the name ended up changing.

So there happens to be so much ground that X is yet to make up quickly, considering how it’s got another arch-rival willing and ready to take its spot. And no guesses here because it’s Meta’s Threads.

As far as revenue is concerned, it continues to be increasing but not to the extent that most of us had hoped for.

Estimates proved how X earned close to $8 million in terms of net revenue in January this year through just downloads from Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store. And yes, that’s a massive 4% rise when we compare stats to what was seen in December. Yes, it’s not a huge rise but certainly one that Musk and his team would not mind.

Charts: AppFigures.

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