How Google's New SGE Search Feature Affects Ads

A recent study by SE Ranking, an SEO platform, has looked into how Google's new search feature, known as the Search Generative Experience (SGE), is changing the way ads show up in Google search results. The study analyzed 100,000 keywords across 20 different areas to see how often Google gives AI-generated answers, the length of these answers, and where ads are placed.

The research found that ads are more likely to be found at the bottom of the search results, regardless of whether an SGE snippet is present or not. However, when these snippets are there, ads at the top of the search results page are more common than shopping ads, which usually show up in carousels. Interestingly, shopping ads often appear above the SGE snippet, especially in niches like fashion, beauty, ecommerce, and retail.

The study's findings are important because they help businesses and marketers understand where their ads might show up in Google's search results. This knowledge can help them make better decisions about their marketing strategies.

When looking at the numbers, the study found that out of 18,455 instances where SGE snippets with text were present, ads appeared at the top 4,280 times and at the bottom 6,499 times. Shopping ads showed up 2,660 times in the form of carousels. In some cases, both shopping ads and ads at the top were found alongside SGE responses, while in other instances, only one type of ad was present.
The placement of shopping ads was also examined. The majority of the time, shopping ads were found above the SGE snippet. This preference highlights a trend towards placing shopping ads in more prominent positions.

SE Ranking commented on the importance of staying updated with Google's changes, noting that the landscape seems to evolve daily. They pointed out that the number of keywords not triggering an SGE response has increased compared to a previous study, indicating ongoing changes in how Google's search works.

Philipp Schindler from Google mentioned in an earnings call that ads remain important in the new search experience. Google is exploring new ad formats that fit with SGE and aims to improve the way people find and connect with businesses through ads. This approach shows Google's commitment to integrating ads in a way that adds value to the user's search experience.

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