Threads Launches Much-Needed Trending Topics Feature

It’s been in the works for over a month now but we’re finally hearing more about how Meta’s Threads app getting its own Trending Topics feature.

The company announced how the rollout would be up for grabs in the US only for now but would soon follow in other regions too.

The feature is said to be rolled out in several places including a ranked listing that entails those topics which are talked about the most across the Search tab. There would be another Trending Now module on display that’s seen across the For You feed.

The process is quite much like how tech giant Meta had hoped for during its testing phase and with just a few other additions, we feel it’s worth a mention.

For starters, Meta has made changes to the section’s title. When you go to Search on the app, Meta used to have the feature known as Today’s Topic. This was a clear reflection of the hesitation it had in terms of rolling out a new Trending List depending on the user’s activity.

While Today’s Topic does not suggest that it’s the most talked about or happening topic on the app’s feed, it’s just a listing that’s gained some popularity which the company wishes to highlight.

The feature is getting renamed as Trending Now and that pinpoints it as the biggest reflection of how users are being engaged at all times the topic similarly highlights how change from today’s topic is made to Trending Now.

Does this mean it’s going to be a bigger and better representation of what the masses on the app are engaging with?

Well, we know the company has a unique background when it comes down to trending topics. We saw something similar be rolled out in the year 2018 after several accusations were hurled in its direction about the moderation members manually increasing or decreasing the presence of stories online through the display.

The firm also got rid of the happening news team that displayed trending topics published as news. This led to a major switch over algorithms too. But again, this made way for less-than-ideal topic generation to get attention.

This prompted the firm to scrape away that concept as a whole. This gave way to how Threads was resisting calls to get a trending list in the first place. But the new display was only rolled out after Meta mentioned through an update that it would limit the list of recommendations linked to politics on the feed that users required badly.

The goal was to provide a source of limited exposure to political debates of various kinds online.

Now that the limitation is up and running, we feel Meta is happier and more confident about a list that actually features what people want to see on Threads and not just linked to political updates.

This would assist Meta in ridding away accusations regarding biases and suppression.

This means it’s a bigger reflection of the massive topics that people keep posting about as compared to the curated list. But we do feel that Meta can implement any kind of control over what is being displayed so that they can order amplification of these trends.

Remember, Threads isn’t only about this. It’s been reiterated by Meta, time and time again, how it hopes to get the most positive experience, far from what we’re seeing on X, formerly known as Twitter. They feel this is the key to their success and not just copying what others are doing.

This is why the goal right now is not to focus on politics but on what Meta users actually want to see. And judging from recently held polls, politics is not in demand on Meta.

Threads were in great need of a trending display that allowed users to better engage in the likes of real-time trends. This is a feature that still leads the way on X and something that Meta wishes to experiment with too to reap similar benefits.

This is what makes all of this so interesting in terms of witnessing what Meta will highlight or what it won’t in terms of display. Also, it’s going to be interesting to see which team on Threads works at avoiding specific topic boosts with the simple fear of it stoking massively and emotional debates.

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