Facebook Users Enter Nostalgia After Meta Restores Beloved Poke Feature

There was a magical time in the past when Facebook reigned supreme over all others. The app had some features that many were forced to bid farewell to.

But if you happen to remember the age-old poke feature that was popular amongst Gen Z individuals, well, you might be facing some nostalgia as Meta has restored it to a great extent.

Yes, pokes are certainly back in action and it was a moment of glory for some that missed it so much. In the past, poking someone was a way to remind them that you’re thinking of them or to simply grab their attention. Now, it’s back with a tagline that states, Poke Him under the profile picture of the user.

Once you poke them, they can return the favor by poking you back. So it’s just an easy, fun, and carefree way of interacting.

Some people see it as a means to flirt or let the opposite gender member that you are in their thoughts. But with time, the era went by so fast and the feature faded too.

The thought of getting poked notifications from a stranger had people upset or disturbed and Meta got plenty of complaints, causing it to remove it again. But wait, it’s back right so what’s the deal there?

No one was bothered looking for the feature in any manner, even when it was relaunched in the year 2017. They faced abandonment and some called it a virtual footnote, nothing more or less than that. Some felt the trend was long gone and it would never be revived again.

Now, we’re hearing more on this front and how it’s not the end, just yet. That pointy-finger action is back as Facebook opted to make it a more prominent endeavor. It slowly but surely became a part of the search results and many people on the app were well aware of it.

People keep poking you on the app, several times and that might seem like a huge glimmer of hope that it’s here to stay. But this time around, some will get the chance to witness pain linked to unreciprocated poke.

We’re not sure what gameplan Meta has in store right now but one thing is for sure. People don’t see anything new happening here and just might lose interest in it like last time.

Whatever the case may be, if you’re still interested in the poke feature, it is back and since it was such an integral component of trends seen online in the past, it is worth celebrating the return of this unique element on the app.

So let the Poke games begin, of course virtually. Do let us know what you feel about the return and if it’s even worth giving attention to in our comments section.

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