Fiverr Highlights Top 5 Freelance Skills - Web Dev, Video Editing, App Dev, Social Media, AI

Most people these days are struggling to come to terms with the economic conditions that have become prevalent in the aftermath of Covid-19. As a result of the fact that this is the case, they are often turning to freelancing to help make ends meet, with 70% of Gen Z going down this route.

Perhaps the best place to get advice from if you’re considering getting some work in a freelance capacity is Fiverr, and the platform has released 5 extremely useful skills that are in high demand at this current point in time.

Web Development

It’s no surprise that this field commands high rates on Upwork, but it requires certain hard technical skills in order to get the number of clients that you’re likely going to be after. Problem solving and other soft skills are also rather essential, and since this is a project based type of career you need project management skills as well. The best thing to do here is to learn the basic languages and always be learning about new developments in the field

Video Editing

Video production is about to see an enormous uptick in investment, with Social Pilot estimating that it will increase to $92.3 billion in 2024 alone. 93% of marketers are doubling down on video editing in order to get better engagement for their posts on social media, with research showing that it can generate 66% more leads. It’s no surprise then that video editing is quite a useful skill to have, and that buyers on Fiverr are looking for video editors on the regular.

Mobile App Development

The mobile app industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years, and that means that there are more opportunities than ever to get into this space. Courses offered by Code Academy and Apple Training can be great ways to acquire the skills necessary to get into mobile app developing, and offering your skills in a freelance capacity on Fiverr will enable you to find clients and expand your portfolio.

Social Media Content and Management

It’s hard to think of a market that is booming as much as that of social media, with some estimates putting its value in 2028 at around the $255 billion dollar mark. That’s a quarter of a trillion dollars up for grabs, and with 5 billion social media users worldwide, there’s plenty of room for freelancers to get their foot in through the door.

AI Services

Anyone could’ve guessed that AI related services would make the cut, and sure enough, Fiverr agrees. AI prompt engineering, consulting, and content editing are all essential parts of the job, and some companies are going so far as to hire Chief AI Officers. A lot of experience will obviously be required, but it will be interesting to see how freelancers step in and cash in on the trend.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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